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Super Darts 2013

A Special Congratulations to Scotty "The Panda" Kirchner for Winning Super Darts 2013!
…and to Benny "The Jett" Dersch for Being the Runner-Up!

Scotty Kirchner, winner of Super Darts 2013! Benny Dersch, runner-up of Super Darts 2013

Well done to the other North American Players Ray Carver (Dart Brokers Pro Player) and David Fatum (Ninedartout.us Pro Player). You both represented well!

Watch the Final Match of Super Darts 2013 Below:
Scotty Kirchner vs. Benny Dersch

Also watch an interview with Scott after his win!

Benny Dersch competing at Super Darts 2013 Scotty Kirchner Dersch competing at Super Darts 2013 Scotty Kirchner and Benny Dersch at Super Darts 2013 Closing ceremony of Super Darts 2013

Only 16 of the world's best darters were invited to Super Darts 2013. Dart Brokers Pro Players
Ray "The Razor" Carver, Benny "The Jett" Dersch and Scotty "The Panda" Kirchner Competed!

Pro darter Ray The Razor Carver Pro darter Benny The Jett Dersch Pro darter Scotty The Panda Kirchner

Dart Brokers and Super Darts commend Scotty, Ray and Benny for their dedication and glorious accomplishments in the sport of darts!

Bullseye on a dart board