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Gordon Perkins

Dart Brokers Pro Gordon Perkins with a dart trophy

I started playing darts in 1988. It is very hard to believe it has been that long, 25 years! I started playing by pure luck. I was at my friend's house while his parents were playing and they asked us to play teams. By the end of the night I was hooked! I joined the youth league and their team at 16 years old. I was fortunate that we had a few locations for me to play.

After I turned 21 I started to travel. It was a rough start to say the least. Being wet behind the ears you take some beatings, that is for sure. I started going to Dayton, Ohio to watch Larry Butler play and I finally had the nerve to ask him to play a game with me. It was not pretty, the worst loss I have ever taken. I am sure he will tell you about that one! It was a lesson I will never forget and it is what drove me to become what I am today. I want to thank Larry for that lesson! I have been lucky enough to shoot with Larry over the past few years and we won our share of doubles and triples titles.

My memorable achievements have come in the Adult/Youth where I was fortunate enough to play with my nephew and win numerous titles with him. Over the 25 years I have been playing competitive darts I have won many titles in singles, doubles and triples. I have met some amazing players and friends over the past 25 years of playing darts. I want to thank all of them for playing the sport we all have a passion for! I am looking forward to adding many more over the next few years!

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