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DARTSLIVE-100S Electronic Dartboard

Features and Design

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DARTSLIVE-100S electronic soft tip dartboard with large LCD

The DARTSLIVE-100S electronic dartboard fits the needs of any dart player, from beginner to pro.

The worldwide standard 15.5" target face, multiple games, 4-player simultaneous game play and DARTSLIVE2 sounds from bar and tournament boards will make any player feel like they are throwing at a real tournament in the comfort of their home!

Built-in shock absorbers muffle the sounds of impact, making the DARTSLIVE-100S especially well-suited for darters who live in apartments, with roommates, or close to neighbors and must keep down the sounds of their practicing.

The DARTSLIVE-100S has an improved structure with a softer plastic material, allowing the target segments to hold dart tips more firmly while making dart removal smooth and easy. Built-in shock absorbers reduce the wear on your dart tips and muffle the sound of impacts.

Built-in shock absorbers on the DARTSLIVE-100S dartboard Spider of the DARTSLIVE-100S with improved structure

The DARTSLIVE-100S board includes the following games: 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, 1501. Count-Up/Standard Cricket/Cut Throat Cricket. Cricket Count-Up/Bull Challenge. The bullseye is also selectable and can be worth 25/50 points or 50/50 points.

The large, simple LCD display makes checking the order of players, game progress and option settings a snap, even from a distance. Plus, during Cricket matches, both opponents' and your scores are displayed at the same time, allowing everyone to track the game with ease.

The DAARTSLIVE-100S LCD display

Finally, the DARTSLIVE-100S can be powered with 3 AA batteries or with the included AC adapter, allowing you to play almost anywhere!

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