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Dan "Dagger" Taylor

Dart Brokers sponsored darter Dan Taylor from Detroit

My dart journey started a couple years ago, when I started shooting around at the bar with friends. It was nothing serious or competitive, we just played for drinks. Later I got invited to a luck of the draw, had a great partner and the rest is history! After that I was placed on a team for a local dart league and have been shooting every Sunday for a total of about eight months, with some practice in between when I have time. I'm a truck driver, so time can be limited sometimes. Right now I'm shooting a 3.5 average at cricket and average 30.0 at 501 soft tip. I feel I'm getting better each season I shoot. In my first season I placed 3rd and got a trophy for most hat tricks. Last season I won 3rd place and most hat tricks again! I've shot in a few charity events as well. I'm looking to register for state tournaments and hopefully Vegas next year and will continue to take my game as high as I can, while having a great time along the way! I would love to take my game into the steel tip world as well.

-Dan Taylor, Detroit, MI

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