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Congratulations to the winners of the August Raffle!

First Prize - Kristen - @kcarrrr28 - $50 Gift Certificate

Second Prize - J - @jdcpdx8888 - $25 Gift Certificate

Third Prize - John Wallace - @chiefrelief - $25 Gift Certificate

The raffle was closed to new contestants as of August 31st.

Contest Rules:

Simply mention Dart Brokers on Facebook or Twitter and/or sign up for our email list or text list. Your name will get entered into the raffle once for every social media mention and for each list you've signed up for. Your social media mentions must use the "@" symbol so that our name becomes clickable (hyper-linked) in Facebook or Twitter. You can mention us on social media as many times as you'd like, but we'll only count one mention per day, per platform.

The contest ends on Thursday, August 31st. The top three winners will be announced by September 7th! First prize is a $50 gift certificate, second and third prizes are $25 gift certificates.

Bullseye on a dart board