Phil "The Power" Taylor is awesome!

Phil Taylor aiming a dart at a tournament

There is a lot to admire about the UK darts scene. They have a huge following across the pond, selling out arenas and pubs across the country year-in year-out and hosting tournaments with fantastic prize pools. Phil "The Power" Taylor is a great ambassador for UK darts and is arguably one of the game's greats. He has amassed more than $9 million in winnings in a long and respectable career, and most recently won the 2012 PDC sponsorship by betting firm We are fortunate to offer you Phil's latest Power darts line.

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Joe Mateja, Dart Brokers' former On-Staff Pro is now a
COUNTRY Financial Agent!

Joe Mateja, former Dart Brokers on-staff pro, COUNTRY Financial Agent

Unless you're an expert in every aspect of your financial affairs, there may be weaknesses in your long-term plans for financial security. With the help of Joe Mateja and COUNTRY Financial, almost any family can secure their financial future.

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Meet Dart Brokers' Corporate Attorney and Fellow Dart Player,

Brian Wright

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Brian Wright, Dart Brokers' corporate attorney

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